A decision-maker’s perspective on how to get us to buy

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Like most people with a job title of marketing manager or director, sales people reach out to me a lot, hoping I’ll spend some of my department’s budget on their product.

They want to sell me everything: email marketing programs, SEO consulting, video production, media databases, automation systems, design and printing, etc. It adds up to a lot of cold calls, emails and LinkedIn requests.

Most of the time, before any relationship has been established, the inquiries all ask for the same thing: my time. …

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Let’s jump right into some content. Below, you’ll find links to many of the articles published so far on Remote Working.

But first, here’s the link where you or anyone else can submit their work to have it considered for publication. I hope you’ll think…

It’s time to stop using decades-old career templates

Something that comes up a lot in interviews is the number of jobs I’ve had. “You’ve moved around a lot,” is something I’m used to hearing at this point.

It’s getting a little old, though I don’t mind answering questions about this. It’s necessary. But, what does bother me is the way some people assume many jobs on a resume means the individual is a job-hopper, who chooses to jump around and who should lose points for it. There are a lot of people out there whose story looks like mine.

My company is outsourcing operations on July 1, so…

This seems like a surefire way to chase some out the door

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I’m not surprised it’s happening, but it’s a bit baffling to me that there are bosses who are asking their now-remote teams to send them weekly or daily logs of what they’re accomplishing while working from home.

With the remote teams I’ve managed, I’ve always looked at the work as the log. We all know what we’re supposed to be working on and about how much time it should take. We’re communicating and tracking our progress. Not much more is needed there.

Sometimes, I’ll ask people for a list of active projects and the hours each one is currently taking…

Everything doesn’t have to be a video call when working remotely

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Hey, can you hear me? Is my camera on? I can hear you. You can’t hear me?

Who’s sitting on a ton of Zoom calls these days?

Video conferencing makes some wonderful things possible, like flexibility in where you can work from and the ability to bring people together from around the world to collaborate.

But, in remote work environments, video conferencing often becomes the default and you end up with employees sitting still, staring at screens for more hours than necessary.

Every remote meeting doesn’t need to be a video call. Here are three things you can do to…

A list of websites and resources for your job search

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Here’s a list of places you can find remote/work from home jobs:

Have something to add to this list? Leave a comment below.

When to tell them everything and when to keep them guessing

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It’s a fine line. Go one direction and risk losing the trust of your audience. Go another and they might not open your email, making the assumption they already know what’s in it. Get it right and you might hit engagement gold.

Being vague or specific in your email marketing subject lines, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, can have an impact on your open rates. Give me three minutes and I’ll explain.

Experimenting with your subject lines

Sometimes you have something very specific and timely you want to tell your audience, like “25% off sale ends today” or “Registration is now open.” The…

Self-led programs aren’t a realistic option for many

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My wife and I are both working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been able to find ways to get our work done with our children in the house, so we can continue to bring in paychecks.

Like a lot of people, our main focus right now, beyond health and safety, is around minimizing expenses and ensuring we continue to generate income.

This involves the two of us working some odd hours, as it’s difficult to both stay simultaneously focused on work from 9-to-5 with children in the house. …

Each one plays a role and needs a good title, plot and ending

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You don’t need to tell your audience everything you have to say about something in a single email blast. In fact, when you try to cram too much into a single piece of communication, it can overwhelm the reader. Some of your points can get lost.

Instead, you want to lead your followers on a journey, telling them a story over the course of an email campaign, getting them to take action at the end or along the way. Think of the marketing emails you send as part of something larger, the way one book fits into a series.

Plan the full campaign and map out the series


I don’t have all the answers, but this helped me immensely

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This is the thing I tell new parents when they talk to me about the struggles they’re going through adjusting to life with kids. I don’t have all the answers, but this has worked for me as a father of five children.

Often, the issues I hear about are tied to new parents trying to hold onto life as they knew it before kids. We don’t need to abandon that old life and the things we enjoyed. …

Mike Holden

Marketing professional, remote worker, husband, dad, Available to join your marketing/communications team: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeholdenmarketing/.

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