Don’t make this mistake with your seasonal marketing campaigns

I see it happen all the time as people promote a sale

Mike Holden
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Do you have a global audience?

Then think twice before you run a themed, seasonal sale.

It’s only fall in the Northern Hemisphere as I type this. For customers in Australia, for example, it’s springtime.

A “Fall into savings” email only makes sense in some parts of the world.

Here’s what you can do instead

There are many directions you can go to avoid this issue of sending a seasonal campaign to a global audience.I’ll talk about two options.

The first one isn’t my preference because you can still run into issues if your data is off. But, you can segment your list by location, so you are only sending your seasonal sales promotions to the people who are currently experiencing that season. You could do a simultaneous spring and fall promotions and segment the audience by hemisphere.

You might run into some people who’ve moved or you might have some bad data. This might result in some puzzled customers, but it likely won’t be a big deal.

A better idea is just to think of something completely original or that doesn’t involve the seasons. On the one hand, sales related to seasons are pretty over done. But, they also work well for a lot of brands or they wouldn’t keep doing them every year.

Instead of a seasonal sale, you could find things that end up on everyone’s calendar. Cyber Monday is one option known about in many parts of the world. You could do a promo about that every November instead of a fall promotion.

You could also just invent your own reasons to celebrate. Every time I turn around a brand is promoting a national/international donut or hamburger day. You can jump on board one of these trends or start your own.

Pick a day and name it. That’s your very own sales holiday. This will probably be a lot more memorable for people if you make it unqiue, tie it into your brand, and get creative with the way you promote it.

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