How I’d spend $1,000 if that’s all I had to promote my new product

Responding to a post I saw on social media

Mike Holden
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I responded to a post on social media this week asking, “As an indiehacker, what would you do to grow a startup with a marketing budget of $1000?”

My answer:

With only $1,000, I’d probably go all in on content rather than advertising.

With ads, once you spend the $1,000, it’s gone and the flow into your funnel from it is turned off.

With content, it can continue to generate organic SEO traffic and be repurposed.

The type of content I’d invest in will probably depend some on the product and the target audience, but blog posts are always a good start because of the traffic search engines can send your way.

Don’t put your money into something that will be short-lived

If you have a limited budget like this, go for the stuff that will keep producing long after the money’s been spent.

A thousand dollars is barely enough to do a decent test run of your advertising. If you really had to do an ad, you could A/B test with maybe $200 and see where it gets you before investing the other $800.

But, I’d rather put that money into posts for my website around some very specific focus keywords.

If you have lots of writing and SEO experience, then put that money into some other form of content creation. For example, you could hire someone to create short videos you can use across multiple platforms.

But the last thing I’d do is put that $1,000 into an ad campaign right away that will be short-lived. The money will be gone and you’ll be back to building content as you try to generate organic traffic.

You could save the money until you’ve built the content

Another option is to hang onto the money while you build the content yourself on your blog.

Let that generate some organic traffic, learn what you can about the customers it’s attracting and then put the $1,000 into advertising that targets more people like the ones who found you organically.

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