How to get started with your content journey

If you want to win, you have to play the game

Mike Holden
3 min readOct 15


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If you’re looking to monetize or build your following, each post you make is like a lottery ticket. You have to play by putting your content out into the world to see if you get a hit.

That might sound simplistic, but no one‘s going to find you unless you’re doing things to be found.

Let’s talk about getting started.

Getting started is the best way to get started

We have to stop waiting for “the perfect time.”

This isn’t a rocket launch where you need the perfect weather and window to hit your target. Just start.

We can learn by doing and we can change course later if we want.

Find a platform you like and just start writing. Circle back on your content and look for ways you can expand it in a new post. Take something you wrote in one place and try it on another platform.

As people comment, think about how you can not only answer them with a reply, but how you can also take that answer and spin it up into a new post.

I could go on, but the theme is to start.

Write. Edit. Create.

Here’s one way to get started if you’re stuck

So you’re not sure where to get started with your writing?

Then don’t write. Hit record instead.

  1. Turn on your camera and start talking about a topic.
  2. Take that video and upload it to the social platform of your choice.
  3. Pull the transcript and paste it into a document.
  4. Go through and pull out the pieces you can turn into paragraphs.
  5. Expand on these thoughts with your writing or in a video.
  6. Repeat this process over and over.

You can also use an AI tool like ChatGPT to help with this.



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