I do this one thing every time I write marketing content

It’s the best way to keep your audience reading

Mike Holden
2 min readOct 28, 2023
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Here’s something I do every time I write a piece of marketing content.

With each line written, I ask myself if the reader would read the next line after the one I just wrote.

I have the same mindset when I proofread and edit, too.

I forget where I picked this up. But you just want to keep the person reading from one line to the next until you get them all the way to the end.

But wait…can’t you end up with some very short pieces of content if you do it this way?

Yup. It really forces you to make sure each line is interesting, valuable, etc.

Want a longer piece for your readers?

Make it more interesting. Make it more valuable. Give them a reason to keep reading, one line at a time.

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