It took MrBeast this long to get to one million YouTube subscribers

The famous YouTuber shared some interesting numbers recently that every content creator should study

Mike Holden


The content journey can be a grind.

Even though it might seem like success came easily to some people or that someone is an overnight success, it almost always took an awful lot of work, over months and years, before someone got to where they are today.

Even MrBeast, one of the most popular content creators around, had to grind it out for quite some time before he got to where he is.

In fact, check out these numbers MrBeast recently sent out.

MrBeast shared his subscriber numbers on every birthday

In one year, from the time MrBeast went from being 12 to 13-years-old, he grew from having one follower on YouTube to having 10 followers.

Nine more followers in a year! Think about that the next time you feel like your content hasn’t gained enough traction after you’ve been at it for a month.

Another year later, MrBeast was at 25 followers. Three years into it, he only had 76 subscribers.

It wasn’t until the fourth year that MrBeast even crossed over 1,000 subscribers and it took him seven years to hit 1 million.

Check out the post MrBeast made below showing his growth.

Content creation is a long journey.



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