So you have no money for marketing?

There’s an upside to not having a marketing budget

Mike Holden
3 min readOct 26, 2023
Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

One of the upsides to marketing without a budget is that it forces you to get creative.

When you have a budget, it can be a crutch. You can just throw money at your marketing and hope something sticks (You should be much more calculated than this when you have a budget, by the way).

But when you have nothing to work with, you have to do something different, something to stand out, or grind away to produce results.

A budget allows us to become complacent if we choose to. We can get our ads set up, tested, and running the way we’d like. They might be producing enough to hit revenue goals.

But, sometimes there’s a lot more opportunity out there for someone to grab and it probably won’t be going to the organization that’s just putting in X number of dollars and happily bringing in Y.

The big wins are likely going to come to the innovators and the people trying new things — some of them will be doing this because it’s the only choice they have. For others, it will because they never forgot what it’s like to have nothing to spend on marketing.

Having nothing to spend helps jumpstart idea generation



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