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A lesson learned from a quick conversation with a neighbor

Mike Holden
2 min readOct 9


A sign that says, “Hello Neighbor, come on in.”
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The other day, I was chatting briefly with a neighbor I don’t know very well. I ended with, “Have a good day.”

He replied, “Thanks. You have an awesome day, man.”

I won’t forget that.

It reminded me of how someone once told me that whenever anyone asks how you’re doing, you should reply with something like “I’m fantastic!”

It makes people pause because they’re used to people simply saying things like, “I’m fine, thanks. You?”

All of this relates to marketing and how we work to create messaging that stands out and makes people stop in their tracks.

It’s harder to get recognized if you’re just doing things the way everyone else does them (shoutout to everyone who keeps landing in my DMs and email inbox with cold pitches that all sound the same).

It’s also something we see play out here on platforms like Medium or X, as some content stands out because it’s so different than what everyone else is doing.

Sure, some methods are proven and what works for one person might be something we can all roll out.

But, going about things differently is likely to generate a lot more engagement once you figure out something that’s unique and that works for you.

Have an awesome day.



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