You’ll wish you’d done this sooner when you gain more followers

It will make your new fans happy too

Mike Holden
2 min readOct 17


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Build your back catalog.

Someday, if you keep going, people will find you.

When they do come across you, you’re going to be glad if you have a lot of content for them to discover. That way, your new fans can work their way through your back catalog and they’ll probably be happy too.

With most platforms, the more engagement you get, the more income you receive. So, give people plenty of content to scroll through.

This idea is a little but like a musician having a back catalog

This concept is a lot like when you come across a musician that is new to you because somehow a track of theirs ended up in front of you.

Then, you went searching for more of their music and were excited when you discovered an album or two of even more songs you’d never heard before. You were able to dive down a rabbit hole.

Think about this the next time you hesitate before putting new content online. Don’t you want something out there, so that new fans have albums full of your material to consume when they find you?

Instead of spending your time wishing you had thousands of fans, start preparing for the day you arrive there. Create content.

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