The best tactic for generating views

My most profitable posts have this one thing in common

Mike Holden
2 min readOct 20


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When I scroll through the stats for all my October posts on Medium, I notice a common theme: all the posts that have produced income leverage the same tactic in their headline.

First, I’ll share the three posts and maybe you can guess what they have in common when it comes to their headline.

Did you figure it out?

All three of these subject lines use suspense as a way to get the reader to click on the article.

One talks about a tactic, but doesn’t say what it is specifically. You have to click to learn what the answer is and get the specifics.

Another talks about how to spend a limited marketing budget, but doesn’t give away the strategy in the subject line. You have to click to get the details on how I would spend the money.

Finally, one talks about something content creators will regret not doing, but the subject line doesn’t say what it is. You have to click to read about the action you can take.

I used the same tactic on this post you just read

I now have a fourth post to study stats on. This post you just read used the same tactic I described above.

The main headline is, “The best tactic for generating views,” and the subheader says, “My best posts have this one thing in common.”

It’s not until you opened the article that you could see what my best posts have in common when it comes to views and income this month.

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